The Northlands continued…. Paihia, Waitangi, Russell & The Bay of Islands….

23 04 2010

After lunch we drove across North Island through stunning landscape from the West Coast to the East.

We passed through Kawakawa with it’s famous toilets…..

and pitched at Paihia next to the Haruku falls at a great campsite.

This is just next door to Waitangi where the famous treaty was signed between the British and the Maori Chiefs in 1840.

This morning Emma and Amber went riding which they loved. Up a volcano with fabulous views of the Bay of Islands and splashing about in the estuary. …

This is Amber..

The riding was really fun. I rode a bay called Roxy who was really friendly and mum rode Jazzie who had been doing tourist rides for too long and new ALL the tricks!! We rode through the plantations of pine forest and along a sandy path up the side of the volcano. When we reached the top the view was amazing! It was a lovely calm ride and the scenery was beautiful…

In the afternoon we took the old ferry from Paihia to Russell the oldest European settlement in NZ and for a brief moment it’s capital. It has some of New Zealand’s oldest houses and it’s extremely pretty…

and has the World’s second oldest Sports Fishing club….

We got up early to meet our charter boat to go and see the Bay of Islands and to do some fishing.

We saw dolphins early on in the trip and they were great fun…

We got our revenge on the Snapper with a bagful of small and medium sized as well as Trevally and Sea Salmon (?)….

After our sea exploits we drove South to overnight in Mangawhai Heads to hit the road for our long drive South back through Auckland to loop back North again to the Coromandel Peninsular which runs back North East of the mainland.

and that is another story….




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2 05 2010
Pen Pen

Fishing… bet you were in seventh heaven Alex xxxx

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